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A Roadmap to Your Financial Dreams

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to your finances? Like you will never be able to reach your financial goals? In this course, you will learn about identifying your financial goals and creating a roadmap to reach them. Specific strategies will include creating SMART goals, developing a plan (including examples of how you can increase your income and reduce your expenses), and then evaluating that plan to make sure you are on track. A variety of worksheets are provided to guide you through the process.

The following topics will be reviewed:

  • Financial planning for the life of your dreams
  • Taking control of your income
  • Simple ways to reduce your expenses

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Vision
A Roadmap To Your Financial Dreams 00:00:00
Vision Video 00:00:00
Create a Vision Statement 00:00:00
Module 2: SMART Goals
Smart Goals Video 00:00:00
SMART Goals Worksheet 00:00:00
Module 3: Planning & Evaluation
Planning & Evaluation Video 00:00:00
Establishing a Budget 00:00:00
Family Monthly Budget 00:00:00


As Founder of Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions, Leah Villalobos strives to help clients feel empowered when making financial decisions. She is dedicated to helping educate clients as they transition to the next chapter of their lives. Leah is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), which means she has extensive training as well as ongoing education requirements focused on working with individuals and couples going through a divorce.

Along with her financial leadership skills and commitment to client education, Leah has extensive investment experience in equity research at leading firms like Longbow Research and Ferris, Baker Watts (now RBC Capital). Having earned her Bachelor of Arts from Bryn Mawr College, Leah holds her Master of Arts from Ursuline College.

Above all, Leah truly enjoys helping her clients succeed and reach their most cherished goals. Actively involved in the community, she is a volunteer with the PTA, her son’s Cub Scout pack and her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She is also a member of the Center for Principled Family Advocacy and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). In her spare time, Leah enjoys reading and spending time with her three children, three dogs and cat.


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