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Rochelle Forrest


Rochelle Forrest is a speaker, author, transformation coach and philanthropist. She’s the founder of Tummies, Minds, Spirits with the goal to create and help implement a comprehensive reproducible model that communities can use to break the cycles of poverty. She is the author of Shelly and the Circle of Light which is the touching story of a young lightening bug looking for her purpose in life. Shelly’s journey speaks of perseverance and determination in a way that is engaging and fun for young readers and those who read to them.
As part of her dedication to healing Rochelle became involved in children’s charities. Shelly and the Circle of Light gave Rochelle a way to help fill the hearts and minds of needy children even as she worked to help support them in more practical ways. A portion of the proceeds from every book is donated to support children in need.
Rochelle recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, which resulted in a shift of focus:  Merging the fundamentals of primary and psycho-social health care with education principles.  The overarching objective of this new focus is to use a percentage of her business profits to fund not-for-profits who are concentrating on projects to alleviate ‘poverty of the mind’ and to turn passive recipients of aid into healthy, economically active citizens.
Re-Ignite Your Inner Light is Rochelle’s action oriented book with practical suggestions and no nonsense advice. If you’re ready to find your true passion and have the energy to live your dreams, pick up a copy. Or better yet take her Deep Dive online training program, where you’ll have the opportunity to be coached by Rochelle directly.
A passionate and holistic transformation coach, Rochelle Forrest has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping others heal their lives. She knows from experience how to go from surviving to thriving! Rochelle’s action-oriented approach and unique warmth and empathy from the podium is what makes her a sought after speaker.
Learn more about Rochelle Forrest at RochelleForrest.com